F 350

This nice and attractive boy will not leave anybody indifferent. Let’s look at him precisely and you’ll understand that you have to buy it. The main advantages of video recorder NOUS F-350 are compact dimensions, angle of view and usability. These are not all the advantages of the gadget. We can say that it is an ideal choice in price-quality nomination.

F 800

Video recorder NOUS F-800 is a gadget that accumulates a modern design, an innovative technical approach, compact dimensions and functionality. This model is an ideal variant for drivers who need a compact and functional assistant for your trips. There are no doubts that this small and nice device will provide support to its owner in difficult situations and will be a nice addition for your car.

F 3000g

Video recorder NOUS F-3000G is an embodiment of technical innovations and usability. If you choose the video recorder NOUS you will appreciate the usability and functionality of the equipment. Even the most critical users will find the stylish design and functionality of the video recorder.

F 5000

Let us introduce the video recorder NOUS F-5000. It’s an irreplaceable assistant and a real friend for a driver.
The author of this masterpiece has realized a lot of ideas, applied an innovative approach and as the result received the model that combines quality, reliability and high performance.
With NOUS F-5000 you can record everything that is happening around you during a trip. And one more detail: a build-in navigator allows to find the optimal route.
Modern design, G-sensor system,convenient control and functionality are what you receive if you buy the video recorder from NOUS

H 770

Video recorder is the optimal combination of quality and price. With modest price you’ll receive everything that you need to record the situation around and inside the car. NOUS H-770 is nothing extra only useful functionality and sleek design.