1920 × 1080 (30 fps)

All video files have amazing quality. Video recorder NOUS F-350 has the ability to make video records at 30fps with 1920х1080 resolution.

You can be sure that you have enough space for video records. Additional 32Gb slot for a memory stick has been integrated by manufacturer so that you have more than enough space. Also a new codec H.264 allows to save the battery energy and video files compressing up to minimum size.

2.7″ TFT screen

Despite the seeming simplicity of the gadget the impression is quite deceptive. We have to mention that the video recorder has been equipped with 2,7″ TFT monitor and 3Mpx camera that allows to record the smallest details of the trip and ensuring drive serenity in case of an accident.

Novatek 96550

The heart and engine of the video recorder is Novatec 96550 processor. It protects you from the problems that can happen and videos will be recorded with minimum space between samples with excellent quality.

The processor performance is on high level that’s why information processing requires only a couple of seconds.

Viewing angle
170 degrees

One of the unique features of the gadget is 170 angle of viewing. Such a big angle allows to monitor the situation not only in front of you but also the left and right side. Because the most part of accidents start there. This function allows to fix all the details and you can be sure that you are right in such situations.

Viewing angle
170 degrees
Video codec