Elegance and conciseness

The design is a distinctive feature of Nous F-800. The density is one of the advantages of the device. Even small dimensions can’t influent technical parameters and productivity.

Video recorder NOUS F-800 looks elegantly, the hull shapes create a sense of charm. you'll love this “small baby” at first sight and the availability of the gadget in the car will decorate it.

2.0″ TFT display

Video recorder is equipped with 2” TFT monitor. The availability of Full HD video recording allows its owner to operate the device in comfortable manner and compact dimensions will not impact this.

Ambarella 2

The reliable operation of video recorder NOUS F-800 is ensured by the powerful Ambrella 2 processor with the function to support a 32Gb memory stick. Also we have to mention that the device has a compact and stylish case

Viewing angle
120 degrees

The viewing angle of devise is 120°. Such a big angle of viewing provides some benefits to the owner.The video recorder can fix all small items easily not only in front of the car but also left and right sides.


One of the features of the device is its availability of the GPS module. The GPS module allows to receive some benefits in controversial situations, because you can monitor the speed, geo coordinates of the route in conjunction with the video samples created by the video recorder.

Viewing angle
Full HD video