1920×1080 (25 fps)

The speed of video samples made by the video recorder is 25fps with resolution 1920x1080 pix and 30fps with resolution 1280x720 pix.

The option of the cyclic video is implemented into the video recorder. Due to certain settings in the operational menu you will achieve ideal quality of the video records even despite the adverse conditions. HD resolution allows to make video with high quality and watch it on the big screen later.

2.7″ TFT display

Integrated 2.7” monitor allows to operate the menu browse video in comfortable manner. Excellent quality of images and possibility to detail the video up to small items are provided by high resolution and fps. Due to those features nothing escapes your eyes.

Style and Ergonomics

The manufacturer of NOUS H-770 implemented into the model classical style and ergonomic simultaneously. Due to universalism the device will harmonize with different interior of a car interior. It’s an ideal device for those who dislike over functional gadgets. If you are looking for the best combination of quality and price NOUS H-770is your choice.

Viewing Angle
120 degrees

Existing 120° of viewing angle allows to fix the situation not only in front of the car but also left and right sides.

Definitely drivers can’t be indifferent to the device features because now they can fix even small details of the trip.

Viewing angle
of 120 degrees