1920x1080 (30 fps)

NOUS NF7 – it’s a pleasure even from the first seconds of using device. Cyclical video recording of the NOUS NF-3 video recorder is done with frequency 30 frames a second and maximal resolution of 1920х1080 pixels. You will be satisfied with quality of the recorded material, and it doesn’t matter in what time of the day or weather conditions you did the record.

2.4″ TFT display

The NOUS NF-3 video recorder is equipped with a 2.4 inch TFT screen and 3 mpx camera, allowing to record images in details. You can use all setups of settings menu very clearly and see all the moments of your record in high quality.

Novatec NT96650,

Key moment of this device – it's a processor Novatek NT96650 which is really deserves for your attention because of his price and features. One of his many privileges is the record during the night period, your video will be in high quality without any omissions, and also your recording will be clear and precise.

Viewing angle
170 degrees

Its view angle is remarkable: 170 degrees. Such a view angle helps to shoot images both in front of the camera and on its sides as well, when a car is moving. Such features make you feel comfortable, when driving.

Viewing angle
170 degrees