The video recording made by NOUS NF-9 is the best. It’s difficult to achieve the equal quality using any other video recorders.

The excellent quality of the video recording is achieved due to the newest functionality and ability to make a video at Full HD quality.

New quality of video files has been achieved due to the innovation that was implemented a specially: 2304х1296 pix resolution in case of 30fps or 1280х720 pix resolution in case of 60fps.

3.0″ TFT display

Video recorders NOUS NF-9 have an excellent 3” TFT monitor. Due to this you can share video records with your friends even with small details.

USB 2.0 and HDMI

The video recorder has two USB 2.00 and HDMI ports. It allows to connect the video reorder to a TV set and view the record that was made during the trip or share it you’re your relatives or friends.

The gadget is controlled with the buttons.

Viewing angle
170 degrees

One of the interesting features of the gadget is 170 angle of viewing. Due to this the coverage area is more and you can monitor the situation not only in front of you but also left and right. This function allows to prove you point of view in case of an accident and provide the police officer with the real information related to the situation that happened.

In addition
CPU Ambarella A7LA50

The key of the excellent quality of the video records is the Ambarella A7LA50 processor that has been installed into the video recorder.

Due to this video has excellent quality even in extreme conditions. Implementation of new technology allowed to make video records at night with high quality and better than other gadgets.

Viewing angle
Video codec