NS 5511

Sophisticated elegance


Gloss and matte contrasts

Large screen with a glossy shine and matte back cover of the phone creates favorable contrast, highlighting the stylish simplicity of the design of this model.

Heart of the smartphone

None of modern devices can exist without it. The heart of our hero is a powerful quad-core chipset: Mediatek 1.3GHz.

Objectified universe of colors

LCD touch screen is built, using IPS technology, which means that the richness, depth and color variety of the images will surpass all the expectations. NOUS 5511 display will bring a whole new palette of colors, you would want to contemplate for infinity.

Hi-Tech energy

Battery with capacity of 2700 mA/h gives the smartphone up to 340 hours of standby with two working SIM cards, and 450 hours – with just one SIM card. But why wait when you can talk? It allows you to talk up to 27 hours, so you're always in touch!

Thanks to a special coating mimics the metal surface, the device looks stylish and expensive, creating an appropriate image of its owner.

Thin edges of beauty

Despite the technological saturation, the size of a smartphone is extremely convenient, and a thin, barely rounded, 8.3 mm thick body gives it a very unique style.

Display perfection

5.5 inches HD display allows you to watch any video in the highest quality. Enjoy perfect image, as it is in your hands now.

  • Display
  • Screen

Remember all

The device has 16 GB of internal memory, and it is dozens of applications and hundreds of images and songs. Music lovers and cinema connoisseurs can store their favorite music and movies on their phone, as it supports a memory card up to 64 GB.

Focus on the priorities

Main camera of the smartphone is equipped with a super fast autofocus – all for best results!

View of life

Save every important moment of your life at any time of day or night. As from now on, an excellent 8 megapixels camera, equipped with a flash, is always with you.

  • Phase-detection Autofocus

  • Ordinary Contrast Focus

Additional emphasis

The front camera opens up limitless possibilities of communication via video calls. Speaking live with the Egyptian pyramids on the background? No problem! And, of course, a selfie to remember!

Delicious filling

The smartphone has embodied the latest developments in mobile technology. This gadget is truly an indispensable tool in the modern world.

Sound of harmony

High-quality and powerful speakers are expanding the boundaries of sound, and organically balanced frequencies allow any music become a delight even for the most subtle hearing.

His soul

Creators have breathed a beautiful soul into their creation - Android 5.1 Lollipop. This NOUS 5511 functions easily and quickly, and the battery charge lasts even longer, extending the boundaries of the virtual world to you.