All NOUS’ devices are provided with official service from the manufacturer, which provides for free repair and removal of product defects.

The service life of the main product determined by the manufacturer is 2 (two) years from the date of manufacture of the device, if the operating rules are observed.

The manufacturer’s warranty is valid for one year from the date of sale of the device in the retail chain. Legislation of your country may give you other rights regarding the sale of consumer goods. This Limited Warranty does not affect such rights.

The manufacturer limits warranty periods for new products from the moment of purchase the device by the consumer:

The main product – 24 (twenty four) months;

Battery and charger – 6 (six) months;

Cables and other accessories – 3 (three) months.

In case of replacement of components, a new warranty period for the entire device is not determined.

Attention! Confirmation of the date of purchase of the device is the original invoice for the product (sales slip) and the warranty card indicating the model number, serial number of the product and the date of purchase.

Obtaining warranty services

For getting the warranty repair of the device in an authorized service center, you must:

1) carry a completed warranty card of the standard pattern and a document confirming the payment for the product (sales slip or invoice);

2) back up important data, delete all confidential information from the device memory and / or flash drive, if it is necessary. TM NOUS and official service centers of the company are not responsible for the damage or loss of data, files, applications or other software;

3) before giving the product to the service center for servicing, it is necessary to return the system to the original (factory) configurations, canceling all user settings and disconnecting external connections, and also removing the installed software, if it was installed.

During the warranty period, defective parts of the product of TM NOUS will either be repaired or replaced (at the discretion of the company), with the exception of cases, specified in the “Limitation of Liability” issue.

Limitation of liability

TM NOUS reserves the right to refuse warranty service of the goods under disputable circumstances. Also, the company makes a final decision on whether a particular product is subject to warranty service.

The manufacturer does not provide free service of the product and does not bear any warranty obligations in such cases:

a) if the warranty period from the date of sale of the product has expired;

b) if the sticker with IMEI and serial number of the product is damaged or if the warranty seal is damaged or missing;

c) if the moisture indicator indicates that moisture has entered the product;

d) if the product has traces of attempts to open or unqualified repair outside the authorized service center, and traces of intervention in preinstalled system software;

e) if the damage (defects) is caused by intervention in preinstalled software, by impact of virus programs or the use of third-party software; if there are any problems caused by viruses or incompatibilities of the software, or by unauthorized modification of the firmware;

f) if the defect occurred as a result of an accident, the action of force majeure (fire, earthquake, lightning, voltage instability in the electrical grid, etc.), intentional or careless actions of the user or third persons;

g) if the device has mechanical damage (chips, cracks, holes) that have occurred after the transfer of the product to the consumer; defects caused by exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures, corrosion, oxidation, ingestion of foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects, etc. into the device;

h) if the product has damage caused by a lack of grounding, mismatch in the parameters of the supplying electrical networks, unstable input voltage, improper connection to the electrical network, which caused damage to electronic components (burned places after electrical discharges, overheating, melting, cracking, etc.).

Attention! The presence of two (2) or less defective pixels on the display of the device according to the manufacturer’s policy is not considered a warranty defect.

Limited Software Warranty

The manufacturer continuously improves the software properties of the products and recommends always using the current software version in the device. For some products, it is possible to update the software by the consumer using programs and applications available to the user on the company’s official website, as well as by automatically updating the product software via the Internet.

TM NOUS does not provide any warranty (evident or implied) on the pre-installed software, on its quality, functionality, performance, or compliance with certain purposes. The company also does not guarantee that the functions available in the software will accordance with the specific requirements of the user and that the work of the software will be unmistakable and uninterrupted. Consequently, the software is implemented in the state “as is” (without quality assurance from the company).