How to connect:

  1. Power on the device
  2. Find open wifi hotspot with Tasmota word in name
  3. Connect to it and go to address in browser
  4. Enter your wifi network name and password
  5. After confirming network data, device will show you IP address that it will be available from, copy it, just in case.
  6. It will automatically redirect you to this address after you network data is filled and saved.
  7. Device is ready to use. Template already activated, but in case you will need it later - you can find it below

NOUS A1T template:

{"NAME":"NOUS A1T","GPIO":[17,0,0,0,134,132,0,0,131,56,21,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":49}


How to hard reset socket:

if there is power button:

Hold the power button 40+ seconds, untill light blinks and device restarts

if there is no power button:

Plug the device in and out 6 times and leave plugged in on the 7th - LED should start to blink, that means socket is ready to be connected again

if have access to the web interface:

type reset 1 in console and press enter

Power monitoring calibration

You will need to calibrate your device for your power source, how to do that you can find here:

OTA updating tips

After you confirmed OTA update, please wait untill the plug will turn on itself(it may take few minutes and seems like nothing happens), but do not disconnect it from the power, it may cause problems with update and you can brick your plug.

Smart Home Intergations

Tasmota is very expandable and flexible firmware and can be integrated with: 

Alexa, AWS IoT, Domoticz, Home Assistant, Homebridge, HomeSeer, IP Symcon, KNX, NodeRed, nymea, OctoPrint, openHAB, Otto, IOBroker, Mozilla WebThings Adapter, SmartThings, Tasmohab, Homematic ip, etc

for more info look here: