Energy (NS2811) White

  • Main settings (., Big battery, big screen, function: "Power bank" , 32 MB, 32 MB, 2)
  • Specifications (130.9 x 57 x 14.6 mm, Li-Ion, 3200 mAh, Plastic)
  • Display (240*320, 2.8")
  • Network (GSM 850/900/1800/1900)
  • Camera (VGA)
  • Communication (Bluetooth v2.0)
  • Other (24 Months, Phone, USB cable, adapter, user manual, warranty card)
24 months warranty
Return, Exchange within 14 days
Free shippin

Great opportunities in classic format

The NOUS Company brings a variety note in novelties of the mobile devices world of 2018 presenting the phone to the users in the usual for hundreds of millions of people format – touch-tone monoblock. The main tricky part of NOUS Energy new model is the battery of an incredible capacity of 3200 mAh which (as a matter of fact!) allows the device to work without recharging for more than 200 hours in standby mode!

Classics absolutely in everything!

Supporting spirit of classics of the mobile world colour scale of NOUS Energy model is presented in two colours which will approach any style – distinguished white and elegant black! What can be more universally applicable?!

Attractive size

Despite the seeming model minimalism, the screen of new phone not small: the saturated display with a diagonal of 2.8 inches attracts in millions of juicy shades! This size makes working with the phone incredibly convenient, at the same time without extending model to the sizes of an old radio telephone.

Energy keeper

NOUS Energy has another undoubted “advantage” that is invisible in appearance but very important for any modern person. This is the same 3200 mAh battery which is also a power bank at the same time! Why to carry a bulky and non-functional power bank if now there is a device that combines the functions of a telephone and an energy source? Undoubtedly, NOUS Energy will be highly appreciated by lovers of travelling, and indeed people who do not have the opportunity to often recharge their gadgets which should always be close at hand.

Captured moments

When your main smartphone is on recharging, at any time, it may be necessary to urgently take a snapshot of an important event, take a picture of the desired document, or simply capture something in memory. NOUS Energy will help you out in this situation. And although its camera is not a competitor to flagship devices, however, it will always help you to take a bright and clear picture at the right time!

Some multimedia

Despite the fact that NOUS Energy relies on the simplicity of performance, the phone still has basic multimedia capabilities, thanks to which you will not be bored. FM Radio and MP3 Player will give you the opportunity to listen to the desired radio station or favourite tracks, no matter where you are!

Be in touch!

NOUS Energy phone is equipped with NOUS slot for two SIM cards already traditional for all devices of the brand. And this time the company did not retreat from its traditions, therefore making calls is twice as convenient, twice as simple and, undoubtedly, twice cheaper!

Main settings
Compatibility .
Special features Big battery, big screen, function: "Power bank"
Built-in memory 32 MB
RAM size 32 MB
Number of SIM cards 2
Device dimensions 130.9 x 57 x 14.6 mm
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 3200 mAh
Body material Plastic
Screen resolution 240*320
Display 2.8"
Communication standard GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Main camera VGA
Wireless technology Bluetooth v2.0
Warranty 24 Months
Accessory Phone, USB cable, adapter, user manual, warranty card
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