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Išmanusis WiFi jungiklio modulis L13

Jums reikės „Nous Smart Home“ programos. Nuskaitykite QR kodą arba atsisiųskite jį iš tiesioginės nuorodos





Kaip prijungti laidą

L10 laidai





Kaip pridėti įrenginį prie „Nous Smart“ programos

  1. Įjunkite įrenginį 
  2. Įsitikinkite, kad indikatorius mirksi greitai (jei ne, palaikykite maitinimo mygtuką 5 sekundes, kol pradės greitai mirksėti)
  3. Turn on Bluetooth and Location on your phone(temporarily)
  4. Open Nous Smart app
  5. Press + and Add device
  6. Autoscan will appear and it will suggest you to add new device
  7. Confirm connection and your WiFi network data
  8. Start pairing
  9. After pairing is done, you can rename your device if you wish and its ready to be used
  10. If autoscan does not see your device, you can pick it manually from the list and procced to connection from step number 7.



How to connect your device with Alexa

  1. You have to have Alexa app on youe smartphone 
  2. Go to settings and press "Skill and Games"
  3. Search for the Nous Smart Home skill
  4. Enable it
  5. Link you Nous account with Alexa
  6. Ask Alexa to discover new devices

ryšys_su_alexa_1 ryšys_su_alexa_2  



How to connect your device with Google Home

  1. You have to have Google Home app on your smartphone
  2. Go the the home settings and press "works with google"
  3. Search for the Nous Smart Home
  4. Susiekite paskyrą su „Google Home“.
  5. Visi įrenginiai iš „Nous Smart“ programos po sinchronizavimo bus rodomi „Google Home“.

ryšys_su_googlenamu_1 ryšys_su_googlenamu_2