Smart Desk Lamp NOUS S1

You will need Nous Smart Home App. Scan the QR code or download it from direct link

Operation instruction

(Status indicator) Flashing in pairing mode by default.
(Mode Button) Tap to adjust color temperature. Press and hold to start new pairing
(Power button) Tap to turn on or off. Long press to adjust brightness
(Timer button) Press for 2 seconds to activate 30min timer, press again to deactivate

Use lamp with WIFI APP

This product has built-in WIFI module, which can be connected to WIFI and use APP control.
The specific steps are as follows: 
Mobile phone should be connected to WIFI (supports 2.4GHz band only does not support 5GHZ band),
Install «NOUS Smart Home» app
Register and log in after installing APP

Enter the main APP interface, click «Add Device»-»All»- «Lighting Devices»-»Confirm light blinks rapidly» in turn, enter WIFI password, connect to the desk lamp according to the page prompt.
The WIFI status indicator flashes rapidly after the lamp is powered on, it enters the search mode, can also press and hold the «M» button to enter the search mode; 

After connecting, the WIFI status indicator is always on. Able to control the
product on the APP at this time. You can turn on/off the light, count down,
adjust the brightness and color temperature on the APP; 

When the product and device are in connected status, if you need to connect other mobile phones or devices, need to unbind the previous device first.

It can operates on the APP: Click the upper right corner of lamp control interface, enter the table lamp property interface, slide to the bottom, click «Remove Device».
You can also press and hold the «M» button to reset.
After unbinding, the WIFI status indicator flashes rapidly and re-enters WIFI search mode

This product can also be controlled by Amazon Echo

The product should be connected to «NOUS Smart Home» APP Search for «Amazon Alexa» from App Store or Google Play, download the app, use the App and complete the Amazon Echo audio configuration.
For specific steps, please view Amazon Echo instructions.

Banding «NOUS Smart Home» APP to Alexa:

Click on «Skills» in the menu, then search for «NOUS Smart Home», select «NOUS Smart Home» in the search results, and click «ENABLE» to enable the skills

Enter your «NOUS Smart Home» APP account and password on the new page, and select the country of your account, then click «Link Now» to bind your «NOUS Smart Home» account.
The country, account and password must be the same as the registered content.
After the account is bound successfully, click on the upper left corner to close the windown and return to Alexa app;

Before controlling device, Echo needs to discover the device first.
You can say to Echo «Alexa, discover device». Echo will scan the device configured by NOUS Smart Home APP.
After waiting for about 20 seconds, Echo will feedback the scan result.
You can also Click on «DISCOVER» on the Smart Home page to discover the device,and the discovered devices will appear in the list


* This translation may be inaccurate because it was made with google translate service