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LED Desk Lamp NOUS S4 Blue

24 months warranty
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Childhood friend

The unique feature of the NOUS LED S4 smart table lamp is its design, perfect for children's room. The lamp body is presented in blue and pink, so every child likes it for sure.

Giraffe flexibility

The lamp bracket bends 360 degrees, so you can always provide your child with excellent illumination of the work surface, even in the tightest space. Metal lamp is equipped with memory technology, so the lamp is easy to “remember” the most preferred position, without requiring a long setup. The body of the smart table lamp is covered with a silicone finish, which not only provides the appearance of the lamp, but also softens the metal surface, which is very important for the child.

Uniform light

The NOUS LED S4 smart table lamp has the capability to scatter light. You no longer have to worry about the child to draw or play in a well-lit place, because from now on the lamp will adapt to the highest requirements and standards!

Adjust the brightness

The NOUS LED S4 smart table lamp provides the capability to change the brightness of the light flux, which will adjust the lighting in the children's room according to the current tasks, using the lamp as a night light, and as a light for work.

Optimal setting

In the NOUS LED S4 lamp, you can choose from three color temperature modes: 2700 K, 4100 K or 6500 K, so the lighting will always be the most comfortable for your child, allowing him to do his favorite things in the most comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

Duration of lighting!

The NOUS LED S4 smart table lamp has another undeniable plus - the built-in battery with long life. The battery capacity is 2000 mAh, so one battery charge is enough for up to 3 hours of continuous use. With the NOUS LED S4 lamp your child will be comfortable if there is even the slightest fear of darkness!

Main settings
Brand NOUS
Light temperature 2700-6000K
Light flux 80lm
Electric power 2W
Color Rendering Index (Ra) >90
Level of moisture protection IP20
LED type SMD
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 2000 mAh
Life time 30000 hours
Accessory Desk Lamp, USB cable, user manual, packaging
Warranty 24 Months
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