Smart Power Strip A5

You will need Nous Smart Home App. Scan the QR code or download it from direct link


What's in the box

Smart Power Strip x 1
User manual x 1

  1. VO Flame Resistant Material
  2. Socket Panel
  3. ON/OFF/RESET Button
  4. USB Ports
  5. Air Circuit-Breaker
  6. ON/OFF Buton

Note: ON/OFF button can also be used as a factory raset button-slmply press and hold the button. Only do this If you want to erasethe power strip's current settings. Socket can be controled Individually. You can also control It Individually In APP.

Connecting Smart Power Strip 'Nous Smart Home' APP

Easy Mode (Recommend)

  • Please open "Nous Smart Home' App. Tap the "Add Devices" or the "+" sign at the upper right hand corner of the page and select "All Devices", then select "Power Strip". Please also make sure that the Smart Power Strip is connected at the same time.
  • Then long press on/off button of the devicefor about 5 seconds until indicator light rapidly blinks.

  • Make sure the indicator light is flashing rapidly and confirm it in APP.
  • Choose you home Wi-Fi (make sure the Wi-Fi connection you choose is the same connection/Wi-Fi you used on your phone/device and it should be 2.4Ghz not 5Ghz). Enter the correct password and confirm.
    If Wi-Fi is 5Ghz or the password is in correct, it will lead to "conection failure".
  • Wait to successfully configure, then tap "Done"

AP Mode

  • Please switch to "AP Mode" if the connections fails in «Easy Mode».
  • Long press on/off button until the indicator light flashes slowly;
  • Make sure the indicator light is flashing slowly and confirm it in APP;
  • Choose your 2.4G Wi-Fi and enter the password and confirm it in APP;
  • Tap "Conect now" and choose Wi-Fi hotspot named "SmartLife-xxx, then go back to Nous Smart Home application".
  • Wait still successful configuration and then tap "Completed".

Note: if the connection fails in "AP Mode", please check if your router is dual-band Wi-Fi. If it is dual-band Wi-Fi, please enter the router management interface to split 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi, and then connect 2.4G Wi-Fi

Safety information

The device is recommended for use indoors and in a dry location only, power outlet shall be used within it's published outlet rating on the instructions.
Please contact seller for replacement if there is any damage caused by transportation.
Please plug in the socket in proper condition and away from children.
Please plug in the socket fully while using for safety concern.
Please do not disassemble or install the socket, otherwise there may cause product damaged or security risks.

Using Amazon Echo Quick Guide

What You'll Need...
Amazon Alexa APP & Account
NOUS Smart Home APP & Account (Users need to register your own account, select region as “The United States”)
Echo, Echo Dot, Tap or other Amazon voice operated devices.

Tip: Rename the device after configuring successfully, The name of the device is recommended to use easy pronunciation of the English words.
(Amazon Echo only supports English temporarily)

Set Your Echo Speaker by Alexa APP

  • Sign in with Alexa account & password (If not registered,
    sign up first); After login, click the menu at the top left, then
    click "Settings", and choose "Set up a new device";
  • Choose a device (for example, Echo). When the right
    page appears, long press the small dot on your Echo
    device until the light turns to yellow.
    Then click "Continue" on App.
  • Choose users' WIFI and wait for a few minutes.
  • After an introduction video, click next step, it will turns to
    "Home" page automatically. Now the Echo is connected to
    Alexa APP through WiFi successfully.

Enable Our Skill in Alexa APP

  • Choose "Skills" in the options bar, and then search
    "NOUS Smart Home" in the search bar; Select "NOUS
    Smart Home" in the search results, and then click "Enable".
  • Input the user name and password that you had previously registered (Only support the account in the United States); When you see the right page, it means the Alexa account is linked with NOUS Smart Home account.

Control device by Voice

After the previous operation, you can control the device via Echo.

  • Discovering devices: Firstly, users need to say to Echo: "Echo(or Alexa), Discover my devices."
    Echo will start to finding the devices which is added in NOUS Smart Home APP, it will take about 20 seconds to show the result. Or you may click "Discover devices" in Alexa APP, it will show the devices that found successfully.
    Note: "Echo" is one of the wake-up name, which can be
    any of these three names (Settings): Alexa/Echo/Amazon.
  • Support Skill List
    User can control devices by instructions like below:
    Alexa, turn on [device]
    Alexa, turn off [device]

Attention: The name of the device must be consistent with the addition of NOUS Smart Home APP.


* This translation may be inaccurate because it was made with google translate service