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Smart Home is a category on our website that features a variety of smart devices and gadgets for your home. Whether you want to control your lights, sockets, cameras, switches or sensors with your voice or smartphone, we have the products that suit your needs and preferences. You can choose from different protocols such as WiFi, ZigBee,Tasmota or Matter. We also offer smart home solutions and technologies that can help you save energy, increase security and convenience, and create amazing ambiances in your home.

In this category, you will find subcategories such as:

- Smart Lighting: Illuminate your home with smart LED bulbs and strips that can change colors, brightness and scenes with a simple command or a tap on your phone. You can also set schedules, timers and routines to automate your lighting according to your mood or activity. Our smart lighting products are compatible with Alexa and other smart home devices.

- Smart Sockets: Plug in your appliances and devices to our smart sockets and power strips and control them remotely from anywhere. You can also monitor their energy consumption, set schedules and scenes, and create smart rules to turn them on or off based on triggers such as temperature, humidity or motion. Our smart sockets and power strips support WiFi, ZigBee, Tasmota and Matter protocols.

- Smart Cameras: Keep an eye on your home with our smart WiFi cameras that offer high-quality video streaming, night vision, motion detection and two-way audio. You can also access the footage from your phone or cloud storage, receive alerts when something happens, and integrate them with other smart home devices such as lights or sensors.

- Smart Switches: Replace your traditional switches with our smart switches that can control your lights and other devices wirelessly. You can also use voice commands, smartphone apps or physical buttons to turn them on or off, dim them or change their colors. Our smart switches come in different models such as relays, switch modules or wall switches, and support WiFi, ZigBee and Tasmota protocols.

- Smart Sensors: Enhance your smart home with our smart sensors that can detect motion, temperature, humidity, light level, door/window status and more. You can use them to trigger other smart devices such as lights, cameras or sockets, or to receive notifications on your phone when something changes. Our smart sensors use ZigBee protocol and are compatible with Alexa and other platforms.

- Tasmota Products: If you are looking for more customization and flexibility in your smart home devices, you might want to check out our Tasmota products. Tasmota is an open-source firmware that allows you to flash your devices with a web interface and control them with MQTT protocol. You can also integrate them with other platforms such as Home Assistant or Node-RED.

Nous is a brand that offers high-quality smart home products at affordable prices. We are passionate about smart home technologies and solutions that can make your life easier and more enjoyable. Browse our Smart Home category today and discover the amazing possibilities of Nous smart home devices.