Smart PTZ Camera W2

You will need Nous Smart Home App. Scan the QR code or download it from direct link


Register with your mobile number/E-mail then login



  • Tap “Add Device” or the icon “+” in the top right corner
  • Choose “Smart Camera” in the Device type
  • Make sure the indicator is flashing quickly and click “next step”


  • Enter your WiFi password and Click “+”,
  • When you tap Continue, the mobile phone displays a QR code,
  • Hold the camera 15 to 20cm in front of the mobile phone for the camera to scan the QR code
  • Please click “heard the beep” when the device say voice tips


View the live stream

Choose a name for the device and click “Done”to view the live stream


Acces from desktop

Go to this website:
Scan QR code from the screen and you will be able to watch live feed from your IP camera on desktop

* This translation may be inaccurate because it was made with google translate service